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Security Services

Static Security is an effective method of control, protection, prevention and suppression of threats that can affect the operation, financial interests and overall image of a business.

It operates with the vigilant presence of specialized security personnel, a fact which mostly prevents threats originating from factors such as intrusions with the purpose of theft, sabotage or unauthorized use of the facilities. The security guards we provide are discreetly in the area, but making their presence clear and effective, intervening immediately when needed.

The security personnel of the company have a special work permit provided by the Ministry of Citizen Protection, a license to use a uniform approved by the Ministry of National Defense, as well as special distinctive signs of our company.

During their service, they are equipped with the necessary equipment (bulletproof vest, flashlight, report and incident book, etc.) and the appropriate technological means (patrol, mobile phone, etc.) and make sure to provide high-quality security services.

Our company also provides you with civil liability insurance coverage for all the facilities it takes care of.

It is important to mention that the existence of security systems (CCTV, alarm, fire detection) in combination with the existence of a trained security guard are the ideal solution for a comprehensive security of the area.

Our company has many years of experience in providing permanent and seasonal static security services in industrial and residential areas.