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Money and Document Security

This category consists of tools necessary to protect money and valuables in the event of theft or fire.

  • Safes provide security for storing cash, valuables,
  • Fireproof cabinets protect folders and documents,
  • The gun safes are specially made for the safe storage of guns.

Banknote detectors detect money counterfeiting and counting machines are essentially helping to manage money.

We have a wide variety of branded houses that can meet all the needs and requirements of every business, home, office, etc. They combine high quality and functionality, durability and are certified with all European standards.

We undertake the transportation, installation, demonstration of operation, repair and maintenance of safes and money counting systems.

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Banknote and Coin Processing

The money processing machines follow the specifications of the European Central Bank and comply with the applicable Legislation. They can ensure you high reliability and security in every transaction.

Depending on the type of machine they can provide you with several features and functions such as:

  • Banknote counterfeit detection where they support multiple detection modes, foreign banknote detection capability, remarkable control speed and the ability to upgrade with new software if it is available from the manufacturer.
  • Counting of banknotes - coins in places where cash is managed, with high measuring speed, significant capacity of banknotes, functional display of indications such as pieces, addition functions, etc.

In us you will find branded detectors of German origin of the company Ratiotec and Cash Register in a wide variety that can meet your every need.



Safes provide security for the safekeeping of cash, valuables from theft.

We have a wide variety of safes at all levels of security (Grade), which cover all the needs and requirements of every business, home, office, etc.

The safes can be mounted on the wall or floor with the option of electronic lock, key, or a combination of them.

arregui safe

Fireproof Cabinets – Archives

The protection of envelopes and valuable documents is done with the use of fireproof cabinets - archives.

A fireproof cabinet is available with two to four drawers, and they provide certified fire resistance. There are also general-purpose fireproof cabinets in various sizes depending on our needs.

It is imperative to use such cabinets in offices, companies, banks, organizations, etc.

diplomat safe

diplomat safe

Gun Safes

Gun safes are a special category of safes, reinforced with the appropriate equipment for the protection and storage of guns.

The owners of guns are obliged according to Greek law to take the necessary measures for their safe keeping. We have a wide variety of gun safes with multiple options of gun positions, certifications and locking systems that cover all the needs and requirements of every space.

wertheim safearregui safe